Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My grandpa

This is my Grandpa holding Emmett on Christmas Eve 2006.
Two years later, my grandparents held their 2nd great grandchild, Eisley.
4 Generations. My grandpa, my dad, my brother, my daughter.
When my grandfather was 9 years old his father died. His lifelong dream was to watch his sons grow up. God answered that prayer in abundance.
My Grandpa watched his boys grow up and watched his grandchildren grow up...
And even met his great grandchildren.
But more importantly, they got to meet him.
A loving father, selfless grandfather, devoted husband... international missionary and pastor.
This amazing man went home to be with the Lord on November 17th, 2010. I get goose bumps thinking about him meeting his heavenly father and being reunited with his earthly father.


Amber said...

What a sweet post Alyssa! Brought tears to my eyes at the end... what a happy way to end a happy life! I know you will miss him but what a blessing to know that he is with the Lord!!!

heidi said...

Ah, you brought tears to my eyes.... a great post! So very sweet. You have all been blessed so richly!

Christ follower said...

A story of a life well lived and Jesus greeted him with "Well done, good and faithful servant."

FunMom said...

What a precious post, Alyssa. He sounds like an amazing man! So glad that you'll get to see him again. Praying for your family through this loss though.

Also, on a happier note, I wanted to let you know that you won The Story of the Pilgrims book on my website,!!! If you'll just email your home address to me at, I'll get the book in the mail right away!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for your participation in the giveaway!

Leslie :)

JFK said...

Thank you for the historical review of Grandpa Kersten.
Thanks for valuing him - honoring him.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute. Love the pictures. Heather