Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby girl is 2

My precious little girl. Today you turned 2 and I can hardly believe it.

After the birth of Ender, I look back at your delivery in a different way. Having a natural delivery (successful VBAC), the only one I'll ever be able to have, was such a gift. One you will probably not understand till you have kids of your own.
When you turned one you had already been walking for months, had already started sitting on the potty chair (while still wearing your diaper) and were a tiny little thing (that has not changed). Everywhere we go people call you "peanut" (you've been at the 3rd or lower percentile most of your life). You go nonstop and are always one step behind your brother.

In the last year your personality has really come to life. In the car you make up silly games. When given a treat you make sure everyone else has one before you eat yours. At dinner you ask daddy if he needs more pizza. When I bump into something you ask, "Mommy, you otay?" You speak in full, complex sentences. You've been totally potty trained for months. You love changing Ender's diaper. You insist on doing everything yourself - getting dressed, undressing, putting shoes and socks on, buckling your seatbelt. The things you are able to do yourself are quite impressive.
To be totally honest with you sweet girl, you are a handful, you are spicy, feisty and surprising. Your highs are high and your lows are low. When you are kind you are really really kind, but the opposite is true too. I once learned about "gifts gone awry." These are the wonderful qualities of your child that may manifest themselves in more negative ways throughout childhood. For example, when you throw yourself dramatically on the ground for seemingly no reason, will certainly present itself in a positive way as passion. Or your ability to push and manipulate those twice your size will pay off in high school when you are confident and not swayed by peer pressure. Our heavenly Father has created you in His image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You brighten my heart everyday. Your smile can turn my mood positive. I love your sweet voice calling out, "excuse me Mama" when you want to get out of bed. Sweet girl, you keep me on my toes, and I love you for that. I am a better person and mother because of you. I'm treasuring each of these precious toddler moments and am looking forward to seeing you grow into a strong woman. I can't say enough about how amazing you are and how much I love you. Someday you'll understand. Baby girl I love you so. Happy 2nd Birthday!


Christ follower said...

Happy birthday to my little sweetheart! And may I add such a big helper! I love your car games, your squeals of delight when Papa and I arrive, your questions (and answers), The way you keep up with Emmett and yet are your own person! Most of all I love your snuggles when we rock together! You are my sweet granddaughter and I love you SO MUCH!

heidi said...

Very Sweet, Alyssa :)

JFK said...

More and more, you realize how your mother feels about you, Miss Alyssa.

Eric said...

This post made me tear up a little. Just seeing the progession of picture is incredible - she looks so much older in that last one!

Daddy love you too sweet girl!