Thursday, August 19, 2010

Touch a Truck 2010

Our community throws this amazing event for kids called, "Touch a Truck." All the city vehicles come for the kids to climb on, around, through, over... There is free dinner, carnival and kiddie band. The grainy, strange colored pictures are not intentional, I had my camera on a setting in which I needed to manually put the flash up. Luckily I was edit the pictures enough to at least see them! for Ambulance
Emmett asking what the defibrillator is for. Emmett also says, "ambliance" which is what I used to say! for Fire truck for Police Car for Zamboni
The long walk back to the car.
You know you're jealous I have a little potty seat in my car. Yes, when little miss Eisley announced she had to go to the bathroom half walk back to our car, I was thrilled to have a little potty chair in the car. And it's quite modest especially when wearing a skirt! Don't worry, Eisley's the only one who uses it. Look by Eisley's foot and you can see my tummy made an accidental appearance!
My favorite picture of the night. They had so much fun!

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Jami Nato said...

um...your kids are so cute. i know everyone says that but really...adorable!