Friday, August 20, 2010

Mom friends

One of my favorite groups of people to hang out with are what I used to refer to as my "mom friends." Now that most of my friends are moms, this title doesn't feel quite as appropriate. Melissa, Marie and I all met before we had kids where we all worked together. We all had kids at the same time and started hanging out with our newborns. Almost 4 years and numerous kids later we're still hanging out. These ladies and their children are such blessings to me. We have encouraging conversations, support each other through tough times and always do creative play dates!

Today we (nanny kids and all) went to Kiddywampus for story time and playtime. It was a blast! We picked up lunch and played at the park. It started down pouring and we made a run for our cars, but not before we became totally drenched.
Love the tongues!
Super Tattoo Power!
Eisley Montage.

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