Saturday, August 21, 2010


Emmett's first dentist appointment was today. Throughout the whole thing he was saying, "this is so much fun!" In preparation for today we read Berenstain Bear's Dentist book. It paid off because he mentioned the mirror tool used on the bears and how it was now used on him, but he's not a bear, in case there was any confusion.

X-rays were first on the schedule.
Then the super cool remote reclining chair ("like the one Great Grandma and Grandpa have" - they have a remote recliner)
Examine. Brush. Squirt water. Suck.
Dentist's turn.
Flouride treatment.
Emmett with the tools, his "sparkling clean" teeth and his "surprises."


carlotta said...

He is adorable! It's so great that he was able to have a positive mindset for something he didn't know a whole lot about :)

Buck said...

That is amazing! I bet the dentist was so impressed that he had such a big smile the whole time!