Thursday, August 12, 2010

My head is spinning!

My head is just spinning with sewing projects (and I guess just life in general). I don't dare think beyond sewing projects to preparing-for-baby projects because I think I may just completely shut down. After my doctor's appt, attempting to play at the park (it was way too hot to be at a park, either a swimming or a stay inside day) and eating lunch at McDonalds we headed home to hang out in the AC. The kids were playing so well independently that I got to spend a good amount of time sewing! I LOVE feeling productive!

Now, when I say "played great" I mean, they kept themselves entertained, but that does not mean I was with out consequences. The downstairs was an absolute wreck by the end of the day!
One of my sewing projects is making 30+ bibs for new babies at MOPS. I have them all cut and pinned. About half of them sewn inside out. I still have to sew the rest, turn them right side out, top stitch and then put in the snap. I like being able to plug away at them at my own pace as I make the time. When I get sick of sewing bibs I move onto my kid's room curtain project. I'll take pictures of that eventually.
Just so you've been forewarned, the following babbling is basically my venting/confiding/confession about the struggles I've had with Emmett the past couple days. I know! Emmett??!! What? He's my (mostly) perfect little child! Or at least I thought so! Hopefully the behavior I've seen over the past couple days is VERY short lived. Ok, so here are the details...

On Tuesday Emmett had the most extreme tantrum I've ever seen out of him. We were driving home from the Mall of America and he literally asked to go to McDonalds and then screamed hysterically when I told him "no" for the entire car ride (at least 45 minutes). Needless to say, by the time we got home I was fit to be tied! I was in tears, frustrated, out of solutions except to feed him and send him to bed (it was only 5:00). Luckily my prince charming hurried home after answering my hysterical phone call and Emmett did not have to go to bed at 5:00. The mood in the house changed and we had a wonderful night as a family. Well, tonight, again the tantrums began! This time it was because I would not give Emmett a 3rd bandaid after he had thrown the first two away because they were not the right Spiderman design. He started asking for another bandaid over and over and then proceeded to scream hysterically after hearing my "no". Then he would ask again, "No", scream, ask, "no", scream... Finally the light bulb went off and I changed my answer from "no" to "I'll think about it. I'll set the timer for 30 minutes and will decide at that point." Oh the magic words, "I'll think about it." I used to hear my mom say all the time and knew it meant "no." Emmett doesn't yet know the real meaning of these words. So this answer pacified him for the time being. After about 5 minutes he came over by me and sat in his little maroon recliner. "I'm just SO sleepy mom." I told him he could go to bed after dinner. Before I even got the chance to start dinner he had fallen asleep in his chair.
I brought this sweet little boy up to his bed (his new bunk bed!) and there he's remained peacefully so far. This afternoon and evening he had also been complaining of a sore throat, so I'm really hoping he isn't getting sick. Maybe he's just in a growth spurt and needs some extra nutrition and sleep. I guess only time will tell. Hopefully until then I will pray that the Lord will give me wisdom how to handle Emmett's outbursts and will give me the discernment to know what he REALLY needs (when I know it's not a 3rd Spiderman bandaid!).


Christ follower said...

There is so much changing in his life right now, the new bed, the new baby, possibly sickness or growth. I read an article that said young children sometimes have things building up inside and (although they don't realize it) they look for a reason to blow up to relieve the pressure. Possible explanation. We are looking forward to see you all!

heidi said...

a.) I love the pictures of the mess in your house, esp. Eisley looking like "what?"
b.) Those bibs look cute... you are so good to be making them all for others :)
c.) Ugh.. Tantrums... terrible 2's, a bit delayed? :) He's probably just soooo tired :)
d.) Good luck preparing for baby!!! 4 weeks, can you believe it? Maybe less!!!