Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crib to bed

We are slowly trying to transition this silly little girl from a crib into a twin bed.
I wanted to document the process since I wish I could look back and read what the transition process was like for Emmett. We've had her nap in her bed the past couple days. However, we've always stayed in the room until she's (almost) asleep. The night before last was the first night she slept in her twin bed. She was up 3 times and wide awake at 5:00. Last night she fell asleep on her own, I was in the other room. I was SO proud of her! However, she was still up 3 (I think, I'm losing track) times and wide awake at 5:30. Part of me wants to just go back to the crib for a couple months so I don't start life with a newborn totally sleep deprived. But also, it would be nice to have this transition over with and the crib moved out of the room. For now we'll take it a night at a time. It's nice having either option in the room - although the room is TOTALLY crowded.

PS: I don't know why this whole paragraph is underlined. It's not intentional and I can't get it to not underline.

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