Friday, July 9, 2010

Random thoughts I don't want to forget

Random thoughts I don't want to forget:
  • Can I consider Eisley's ability to fully undress herself in record time a blessing? I know 3 year olds who can't do that!
  • Emmett calls an ottoman and "ottomint"
  • the other day Emmett said, "I'm so cold I'm sugaring."
"You're what?"
"I'm sugaring."
"Yep, sugaring."
"Do you mean shivering?"
"Oh yeah, shivering."
  • Emmett says, "a long ways ago" instead of "a long time ago."
  • Eisley I think has turned a corner in potty training. Except for 1 bad day, she hasn't had an accident (even in a pull up since that's all she's been wearing) in a week!
  • Emmett says, "miss-ed" - like "I miss-ed Daddy." Often when he's saying a word in past tense he will make it two syllables.

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Kami said...

These are really cute, thanks for sharing!

Hope you're doing well :)