Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pregnancy thoughts

Just a few random pregnancy thoughts for documentation purposes. I had my almost 34 week check up today which reminded me I wanted to jot some things down. Maybe I've already written some of these in previous posts. Oh well, here I go again.
  • Due date ranges from 9/5 (20 week US), 9/9 (LMP) and 9/12 (5 week US). The doctor is officially going by the 12th.
  • At 16 weeks the first stranger acknowledged that I was pregnant. I LOVE it the first time that happens cause it means I no longer look just chubby! She even said, "I normally don't say anything, but it's so obvious."
  • 10 lbs weight gain to date
  • Measuring big or right on. The doctor thinks the "big" weeks are not due to his size, but just his position.
  • No stretch marks yet, here's to hoping!
  • Least favorite part: pelvic pressure and right leg/hip pain (most likely sciatic) - still!
  • Favorite part: LOVE feeling the baby move and also, honestly, firm stomach and perky boobs - the things I miss when I'm not prego!
  • I'm just now starting to get hot - I think. I've just noticed this in the last couple days. At first I thought it was just the weather, or I needed to turn down the AC or because I was assembling a book case... but then I thought, maybe I'm always sweaty because I'm pregnant!
  • That's all the random thoughts my tired brain can come up with right now.

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