Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

My 29th birthday was a wonderful one.
My super hero family treated my like a queen the whole weekend. I even slept in almost every day (till 7:00!)

After a delicious breakfast, taco lunch and ice cream cake...

...we blew up inner tubes and rafts for our float down the river.

We calmly floated down the river and even did the (small) rapids at the end. Emmett did it over and over and over...

My inner tube busted about half way through the ride. I floated into a branch and as I tried to unstick myself, the branch punctured through and the air bubbles exploded around me. It was hilarious! I sat there unable to move (thanks to unborn baby and Eisley both weighing me down) until it was fully deflated. Luckily we had brought an extra tube!
Emmett waiting patiently to be sent down the rapids.
Emmett going down the rapids.
Eisley is afraid of dogs, even 7 lbs ones.

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