Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend

A long weekend at the cabin. It was only a couple days, but man it feels like we all came home quite a bit older. Here is just a summary, I'll post more pictures and stories later.

Eisley: No accidents all weekend (Thursday - Monday)! (except the 4.5 hour car rides in which we pleaded with her to use her diaper). Her language absolutely exploded; preferring to speak in phrases, such as "I don't like that." Lovely.
Emmett: With the encouragement of his father (a strong and confident swimmer, unlike his mother) became exceedingly comfortable in the water. Swimming with just his life jacket, paddling a kayak by himself, jumping off the raft and riding a gigantic inner tube. I was so proud of my little boy to over come his fears. Also so proud to have a husband so loving and patient with a water-timid son (more like his mother).
My baby turned 30 weeks.
And last but not least, I turned 29. My age is not why I'm frowning. I'll tell this hilarious story later. Oh and I can't forget to mention that my good friend had her baby on the 4th - my birthday! I was up all night praying for her, not knowing she was in labor. So thrilled to have a little birthday buddy!
Good night! More stories and photos coming soon!

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