Friday, February 25, 2011

Barney, Blanket bounce and Story Time

This morning started with the attempt to exercise. I looked on Netflix instant play and the closest thing to a child exercise video I could find was a Barney Sing and Dance video. It's really hard to stay crabby when you're dancing!
Then onto core-muscle building activities! Today we made a trampoline for our stuffed animals. In the past we've done this with a big sheet but with the smaller kids it actually worked better with this receiving blanket.
Then we sat together and told a joint story. We threw the ball to whomever would add the next part of the story. Since the kids didn't really develop the plot, I would provide very leading statements like, "When they got to the zoo, the first animal Prince Emmett wanted to see was the..." The kids had an absolute blast and wanted to do it over and over.
Isn't Eisley's face darling when she's thinking and talking.
Emmett was being a monkey.
And then just to capture the less pleasant part of our day...yes, it's not all smiles and giggles!

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