Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oil pastels in paradise!

Another day in paradise. Actually it's been a few rough days here. Ender and Eisley both have ear infections which means that Ender has been sleeping constantly and Eisley has not been sleeping at all. We started antibiotics over the weekend so I'm hoping to see improvement in the near future. In the meantime we will color with oil pastels...
Oil pastels you say? Yes, oil pastels. We had a fabulous speaker at MOPS who encouraged us to focus on the process not the product when it comes to kids' art. I loved that! I always feel like I have to come up with a "craft" before we can sit down and do something. The speaker also suggested a few new art supplies, one of which were oil pastels. So we mixed colors and rubbed the colors together. It was a fun change!
We also took care of my friends' amazingly adorable 7 month old, who is, by the way, significantly smaller and more agile than my 5 month old. She is just a doll. It was really fun to have her around! Emmett was such a great help, if you couldn't tell!
Yesterday, Valentine's Day, we received a HUGE box at our front door. It was packed full of gifts from my aunt and uncle for the kids! Christmas in February. The kids were beyond excited and are still wearing their jammies for the second night in a row (and wore them all day).
So today, we spent some time writing a thank you note!

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