Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nathes 101 Market Nathes 101 Market

Today we met some friend at Nathes 101 Market. It's basically a farm and garden store that's been transformed, in part, into a fall playground. We had a blast! Going on a weekday meant that 1) there weren't as many activities open (bummer) but 2) there weren't as many people there (bonus!). There was still plenty to keep up entertained for hours.

Corn pit $1

Giant Inflatable pumpkin $1

Tractor ride through the corn maze $2

Rubber Duck Races
Corn Maze Free
We didn't even get a chance to go in it because my kids ran out of steam.
Cold Stone
We walked to Cold Stone and got each kid a little treat. I forgot how deliciously creamy their ice cream is!
Time with this friend and these friends... worth every penny!

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Buck said...

You got some great shots!! We had so much fun with you guys - I can't believe how much J liked the corn pit! Let's get together again soon!