Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fire station open house!

Our city fire station held an open house today. It was a blast!
We rode the fire truck around the block! This kind woman held Ender for me because Eisley fell down the stair well of the firetruck and in order to rescue her (and console her) I needed to get Ender out of the Moby wrap and put him somewhere. Luckily, this woman let me put him in her arms! Thank you kind lady!
The kids climbed out of the pretend "house on fire." Emmett climbed down the ladder with out a second thought. Eisley got to the top of the ladder and then had a second thought resulting in needing to be lifted down.
The kids enjoyed being squirted by the little fire dog driving a truck.
We also sprayed a fire house, learned to use an extinguisher and walked the fire station halls.
The last hurrah was seeing this helicopter land.

1 comment:

JFK said...

I love these pics of your visit to the fire house.
What a great idea to have the kids descend the
fire ladder. Or at least try, in Eisley's case.

Your pictures reveal so much action and personality
in each individual. Just love it!