Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning to ride a 2 wheeler summary

This kid amazes me. Here is the synopsis of how Emmett learned to ride 2 wheels.
Day 1 (last weekend): Take his training wheels off. First try, he can ride straight with out struggle. He can't turn or get on the bike himself.

Day 2 (sometime last week): First ride of the day, he turns around in our neighbor's driveway. I try to teach him out to get the bike started himself, doesn't quite work. Daddy gets home and tries to teach him how to get on the bike himself. Doesn't quite work either. The "shark" bike is a bit too big (it's a 14" bike) so Eric gets out the 12" bike and takes those training wheels off. Emmett still doesn't quite get the hang of it.

Day 3 (today): Emmett gets on the "shark" bike all by himself and takes off! Here are two videos. The first just of him biking around. The second of him trying to get going himself. He struggles more in this video than I've seen him struggle at all. I think the struggle is rather cute though!


JFK said...

The bottom video just has me laughing!
Yes, it is quite a struggle, and one can forget just how hard it really is. So I am SOO glad you have this document!. The top video is just amazingly smooth.
Emmett is turning corners, driving straight while looking to the side. Why, already he does not have to watch the road.

Thanks for totally brightening my day with these videos.

JFK said...

I love watching you ride your bike.
You are amazing!