Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eisley's 22 month phrases

I just had to document somewhere the cute things that Eisley has been saying these days.
  • "Read a book, this one!"
  • "Watch a movie, this one!"
  • "More please, chicken nuggets" (or insert anything else she may want)
  • "Why?" - all the time!
  • When I ask her why she says, "Betause...."
  • "Milky" for milk - I think this is a combo of Milk and please. Emmett used to say the same thing

Car Games
These are the games Eisley has invited to keep herself entertained in the car.
Game 1:
Eisley: Where'd Mommy go? (who is sitting right in front of her)
Mom/Dad: I don't know, where is Mommy?
Eisley: Right there!
She then does the same thing with every person in the car and even people not in the car, to which she will answer where she thinks they are, "home" or "work"...

Game 2:
Eisley: Mommy? mommy?
Mommy: Yes Eisley?
Eisley: I'm talkin to Emmett!
Eisley: Emmett?
Emmett: Yes, Eisley?
Eisley: I'm talkin to Ender
and this continues and continues....

Other cuteness in our home...
The kids have been coming out of their room together after I've put them to bed. It's really adorable. The situation goes something like this: They slowly walk into my bedroom hand in hand (or Emmett guiding Eisley in front of him). Emmett declares, "We have a question." Eisley says, "Is this your shirt?" pointing to my shirt. I can't help but chuckle.

Tonight Eisley opened the door of their room after bedtime, held out her diaper, threw it on the ground and said, "no tank tou." So, I went in there with one of those big huge bed protecting pads they use at the hospital (they sent me home with a few of these big square pads, along with a few gigantic maxi pads) and placed it under her. She most often wakes up dry, but I'm not yet willing to take the chance.


Mama M. said...

First, a rotary cutter?!! Why, oh why, didn't anyone inform me of this before?!!


And, second...your Ender (I LOVE his name) looks like a miniture little man! I was reading back through some posts, and that photo of him in his car seat?! Holy man is he gorgeous!! His hair is to die for!

Christ follower said...

My favorite thing Eisley says is after she tells you something and you repeat back what you think she said and she responds, "WHAT????"