Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tie and TOMS!

The first day of school...the first for any of my children.  The anticipation of this day has been really tough.  Can Cologne Academy offer a better learning environment than I could at home?  I think so but only time will tell.  However, for me, I've had to change my perspective.  It's not about what Emmett will get out of school, it's about what he can give.  The change took place when I read this blog post by Momastery.  What I took from this post is that we need to encourage our children to be blessings to those around them.  I've spent almost 6 years pouring all of myself into this amazing boy.  As our first child we've taught, loved, encouraged, corrected, disciplined, made mistakes, asked for forgiveness, held standard high, given responsibility, removed privileges ... and on and on... with the goal of instilling the love and passion for his savior, Jesus Christ.  My prayer this school year is not that Emmett learns how read, not that he's liked, not that he has fun, not that he grows (although all those things would be nice)...but that he is a blessing to those around him.  That he reaches out to the kids in his class with love and compassion.  That when he walks into his classroom and his teacher is exhausted that his bright smile will turn her mood.  I pray that he is a blessing.  That God uses him beyond our wildest dreams to touch others with the love of Christ.  That Emmett sees the pain of the boy who doesn't make friends easily...and that he acts.  My sweet, 1st born, people pleaser, approval seeking, obedient, soft hearted little Emmett has been such a blessing to me.  It's now my opportunity to share him with others.  It's my opportunity to let him to pour out all that we've been pouring into him.  Obviously this has become my personal journal entry.  But I want to remember this in years to come.  I'm not sending Emmett to all day kindergarten (9 hours from bus pick-up to drop-off) to get him out of my hair or so that I have less kids to take care of.  Believe me, this is a completely selfless choice.  I WANT him around!  But I feel like I need to share him at this time.  Let his little light shine.  I pray that when people take one look at this plaid tie and TOMS and they'll see nothing but LIGHT! 

Now onto some pictures and captions!

 Eisley thought they should pose on the car.  I asked Emmett to refrain so that his clothes wouldn't get dirty!

 Cologne Academy magnet.
 Eisley wanted a picture too!
 Biking to the bus stop, not even a block away :)

 Yea!  Our bus is coming!  Oops, not our bus!
 Emmett gave the driver a caribou gift card.  The bus driver was so surprised!  He thought Emmett had made a mistake and the card was intended for someone else.  I hope we made his morning!
 The sweetest little profile I ever did see :)
I packed up the other 3 kids and waited at school until he arrived so we could snap a few more pictures!
 One more good bye!
 Hugs from lil' bro!
 Walking into school, so confident.  
 Mom's inner monologue, "don't cry, don't cry, don't cry..."

Good bye my sweet sweet boy.  May your little light shine.  


Chloe @ A Creative Call said...

So sweet. What a fantastic perspective. Thank you for writing it out for the rest of us to be challenged by.

Christ follower said...

I cried just reading this and seeing the pictures! And only someone who has loved a bus driver and knows what a difference they can make would think of the caribou card. I love that!

Sarah Swedlund said...

Tears...as a mom and a teacher! :)