Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new tradition

I wasn't feeling particularly weepy or emotional.  Just exhausted.  Like I can't keep my eyes open, I'm going to fall asleep while you're talking to me, exhausted.  Exhausted, I think just emotionally as the weight of just knowing that my little boy would start kindergarten today.  So, last night, I crawled into the top bunk with Emmett and Eisley and fell asleep snuggling with my 2 oldest kids (and 4 pillow pets, 2 cups of water, 1 box of tissues, 3 blankets...thankfully I had told Eisley the life size crocodile had to stay on the ground). Yes, Eisley was already in the top bunk with Emmett's permission - perhaps also missing Emmett through the mere anticipation of full day kindergarten.  I'm wondering if I've started a new tradition...falling asleep in my kids' beds with them on the night before school.  When I awoke, I gave them each one last kiss and awkwardly crawled down out of the bunk and into my roomy queen size bed.  The bed which I've never called roomy before because my 6'2" husband sleeps diagonally. Good thing I'm short!  But sometimes "roomy" isn't quite the most comforting feeling.  There was nothing I'd rather be, in those moments, than snuggled and squished.  Did I mention that Eisley literally fell asleep with her leg on top of me and her head on my tummy?  Who needs a body pillow when you've got a mommy!

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