Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Boy!!! Ender is 2!

2 years ago today was one of the scariest and one of the most beautiful days of my entire life.  My sweet Ender was born.  For 2 years I have been unable to read the birth story that I wrote the day he was born.  I just read it for the first time, through teary eyes.  As I look at these pictures I am blown away by how God protected my sweet boy and protected me.  We were so close to a different outcome.  How will God use our story, our miracle?
When asked how old he is, Ender responds, "five" as he holds out 5 fingers, complete with his index and middle finger crossed.
When asked what color anything is, he responds, "purple!"
When you ask him what his name is, he responds, "name!"
When you ask him what a cow says, he responds, "cow says!"
He LOVES to sit on the potty chair and go #2 while playing DS.  I haven't changed a dirty diaper in months.  Thank you DS! We're still working on #1.  He tells me as he is going.  We've definitely got room for improvement there!
Ender either whispers or yells.  There is very little in between.  Same with his moods, smiley and happy (which is most always) or complete tantrum (which is quickly followed by "I sorry mama").
When he sees something he likes he says, "Cool!  I like it!"
He can often be found singing hymns such as, "Jesus Loves Me" or "He Arose" or "I'll Fly Away" 
He often asks to watch a "mobie" or drink "milkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"
This boy is special; he is others focused.  He is the first to apologize.  He is the first to offer someone else something of his. He is the first to make sure the person who said "ow" is ok, "you otay mama?" with a gentle pat on the back.  When he falls he quickly stands up and says, "I'm ok!"

Eric and I race up to his room to be the first to greet him in the morning because his smile brightens your day.  He is a great sleeper (sometimes sleeps till 9:00am!); most always goes down with out a single fuss.  He sleeps with his blankie and dactdu (pacifier).

In the moments of the day I feel like it would be impossible to forget these precious details.  But I know that they will slowly fade and I'll look back at these pictures and these posts with tears.  These are the best days of my life and I pray that God will reveal that to me on a second by second basis. I don't want to take a moment for granted. God spared Ender's life.  There are not many babies who are born HEALTHY from a ruptured uterus.  Each person has a unique story and Ender's unique birth is part of his.  I love this boy to pieces.  I am so blessed to call him my son.


Christ follower said...

I love this precious little guy! He is so quick to comfort his sister when she is crying, loves to hold hands and go on an adventure. I love his, "WATCH ME!" and the way he snuggles when you read to him. But most of all I love how he looks into your eyes and connects to your heart!
Happy birthday, Ender! I love you! Grandma

Joanne.kersten said...

This little guy includes everyone in his thoughts. He always includes both Nana and Grandpa, never leaving one of us out. "By by, Nana." "By by, Gampa."

For several months (around Feb through April, I think) he called me Nana and called Dan 'Gamma'. I asked multiple times to both, until I realized Ender was speaking to Dan when he said 'Gamma'.

Today, on our facetime call, Errol was lying on the floor, moving about. In the background of activity, I could see Ender go over to Errol, gently patting him, and said, "I wov you. I wov you."

At anytime he can burst into big voice and big tears. Just as suddenly, there is a most peaceful whisper as he tells you something very important eye to eye.

Yes, we love him so much!