Thursday, December 8, 2011


Caution - you probably don't care about this. I'm trying to document our bouts of sickness over the past 2+ weeks. I'm a bit concerned why Ender keeps getting sick, so I wanted to write it all down somewhere.

We've been sick at our house - for a long time. I wanted to write it down somewhere to keep track. I know this isn't totally accurate - but I can't quite remember the dates. I know that for the first 2 weeks we didn't go more than 1 night without being awoken by vomit or diarrhea soaked sheets. Then this last week we were totally clear for about a week till early this morning when Ender got sick again.

11/19 - Emmett wakes vomiting, ok during the day, vomited again that night
11/21 - Ender wakes vomiting
11/24 - Eisley has diarrhea all day
11/25 - Eisley wakes vomiting
11/30 - Eric vomiting
Ender has a fever for about 2 days in here somewhere.
11/30 and 12/1 - Eisley has hives
12/1 - Ender wakes vomiting, diarrhea
12/2 - Eisley does a weird vomiting/gagging thing, but that's all
12/3 - Ender has diarrhea
12/8 - Ender wakes vomiting, diarrhea all day

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Elias said...

This sounds miserable. I'm sorry you guys are suffering through this! A very random comment, but, if you haven't done so, getting new toothbrushes (and cleaning where they're stored) is one (of many) things you can do to try to limit it passing it around some more... Just mention it because it hadn't occurred to me before starting school.
Good luck!