Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 and 5

We had our 3 and 5 year well-child exams earlier this week. Here's where the kids are at:

Emmett - 5 y/0
Weight: 38 lbs, 29%
Height: 40.25", 7%

Eisley - 3 y/o
Weight: 29 lbs, 30%
Height: 36.25", 24%

I honestly expected Emmett to weigh more and Eisley to weigh less. Of course the only thing that's important is that they are growing at a healthy rate. Now just to keep everyone "well" :).


joanne Kersten said...

This data is great to have.
Now I know how to shop for the kids
tomorrow. 40 cm and 36 cm.

Great little people, Emmett and Eisley!

heidi said...

um, Alyssa, you are getting behind on your blog... :) Looking forward to some new posts :)