Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Lady is 3

My little lady is 3. In many ways I feel like she's been three forever. Eisley is precocious, intelligent, bright, smart, energetic, mischievous, thoughtful, loving, creative and experimental. She keeps me on my toes and it's so fun!
She's normally a pink and purple girl, but today when we went out for mani/pedis I asked her what color she'd like. As she stood infront of the rainbow wall I could not have been more surprised when she said she'd like, "fween!" I encouraged her that there are pinks, purples, even blue! She thought a little longer and reiterated, "fween!" She held so still as the lady painted her nails. It was very fun. She was thrilled beyond words to be having this adventure with me!
We celebrated at Famous Daves with Grandma and Papa. We ate cake and opened presents. Sorry these are just cell phone pictures, I'll get real ones up here some day!
Eisley's gifts this year included a new bike (we gave her a few weeks ago) to which we added a basket and a bell. We hung a swing in the garage for the kids to play on. She also got a bathtime doll from Grandma and a scooter from Nana. The list doesn't end there! She got some puma shoes, doctor coat and tools, stuff for her doll house and a purple umbrella. Blessed little lady!
I love my little girl more than words can say. She grows me. She delights me. She surprises me. She plays peak-a-boo with Ender. Makes him giggle while riding in the car. She goes from tantrum to singing a sweet song with in seconds. She is unpredictable and so much fun! I could just babble on and on. I just love her to pieces! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Mama Monkey said...

You are such a great mom. We love getting pedis...what a princess!!!

Christ follower said...

Eisley is a special, wonderful granddaughter and I look forward to adventures with her through the years!

heidi said...

Ah! Eisley! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!! She is so precious! I'm glad you guys had a special day together! Those pictures show pure excitement! Love the cake too!

JADE said...

Eisley is so darling that I forgot to notice the cake. It, too, is quite cute. She tries so hard to cooperate with her mother and all these pictures. Thanks to both of you for making it possible for your blog followers to enjoy life with you.