Thursday, December 30, 2010

Water Park!

This year, when my parents asked what the kids wanted for Christmas, we said, instead of more stuff, how about an experience...a memory! So we got 2 days and a night at a water park. The kids were thrilled beyond words. We all had a blast!
Not sure which the kids liked better; the water park or eating pizza and soda pop in bed while watching TV. Emmett cried when I told him we had checked out of the hotel room!
In the morning, before the water park opened we hung out at the hotel pool.
I wore Ender in the Baby Bjorn the whole time. With out that we couldn't have brought all 3 kids at the same time. The Bjorn worked out great!
Thank you Nana and Grandpa! We may need to make the "experiential" Christmas present a tradition! We had so much fun!
I do have to be honest, I almost let my adult expectations and critique of each aspect of our accommodations ruin it for me. Instead, I was able to change my perspective to that of my children. When I began looking at each aspect of our trip through the wide eyes of a toddler, I saw the joy, the absence of rules, the excitement, the out of the ordinary, the meaningfulness of spending time together as a family. I am SO glad that I made the decision to change my attitude because I can honestly look back at our water park experience with positive emotions and I would LOVE to do it again!

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