Monday, December 13, 2010


We had a blizzard this weekend. I love MN, I love snow and I LOVE blizzards. I didn't go anywhere for 2 days! That part was a little tough, but we got things done and more messes made here at home. And both kids got sick, so it was a perfect time to be homebound.
When the weather outside looks like this...
...normally I'm the mom outside playing with her kids. But this time, it was just too cold so we played inside instead!
We put some cookies on our sprinkles and frosting. Yes, I meant to say it that way.
Ender got his first haircut! At 3 months!! In a Bebe pod, on the bathroom counter with a dull scissor while the other two siblings played in the bathtub. I probably should have chosen a better time, but he just needed a little trim. It all worked out.
Eisley even got a little trim. Emmett of course wanted a trim too, but his wasn't picture-worthy.
Finally, Eric and Emmett repaired the holes made when our hanging shelves turned into monkey bars.

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Eric said...

It should be noted that both Emmett and I are in our painting clothes - he doesn't usually walk around in an infant onsie and underwear. I on the other hand...