Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day! But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD/GRANDPA!!! WE love you!

We got Emmett the Guess Who game a few nights ago. He LOVES it and does a great job. I'd definitely recommend it for this age (3ish) even though it says "6+". It's great for problem solving, noticing differences in colors, textures, animals. It's a fun game to play with him.
In honor of St Patrick's Day I read to the kids about St Patrick's Day. We made green oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (of which there are no pictures, because they tasted WAY better than they looked. Good thing these kids aren't into aesthetics) and we made shamrock necklaces.

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Amber said...

That picture of Eisley is CLASSIC!!!!! I am cracking up just looking at it! SO funny!