Friday, March 19, 2010

Sick babies

This post is for the 18th and 19th. My kids have been sick. Not horribly sick, but just coughs, low grade fevers, diarrhea, small appetite...just not themselves. Friday I brought Eisley to the doctor because she was hysterical. Crying when I held her, crying when I didn't hold her. Saying "owie" when I held her and pushing me away. It was crazy! She has a double ear infection - honestly I thought she had more. Sunday (the 21st) night Emmett was up like 6 times during the night coughing and crying cause coughing hurt. But no fever. I'm just taking it a day - and a breath at a time to see when we need to make another trip to the doctor. In the meantime, the kids have been laying low.

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