Tuesday, October 18, 2011

13 month Ender

No pictures or anything fun, I just have to write this stuff down before I forget.
At 13 months, Ender...
...is walking in a little zombie walk with his hands out in front of him. He walks very quickly, but falls often always standing right back up and continuing walking.
...sticks his tongue out and pants like a dog to be funny.
...sleeps a solid 12 hours at night, sometimes more. He loves his naps, takes 2 when we're home. Goes to sleep with out a peep.
...signs "night night" by putting his tapping his hand to his mouth/cheek/side of his head. Then he waves good night. So sweet!
...signs "all done" by waving his hands in the air.
....babbles nonsense but looks at you as if he knows exactly what he's saying.

1 comment:

MamaBear said...

Sounds like a dream baby! Hard to believe he's going to be a BIG BROTHER next year! Seems like just yesterday he was making his miraculous arrival!

Looking forward to a girls' night soon and I hope you guys are feeling better - saw your update on Facebook. No fun!!!