Saturday, September 24, 2011

Batman Baby

There is no denying this girl has a big brother and I think it's the sweetest thing ever.

She loves changing her clothes numerous times a day. She loves wearing her Batman or Robin costume over her latest wardrobe change.

She loves playing with her dolls and has endearingly named them either "Batman baby" or "Robin baby" depending on the costume that she has chosen for the day.

She is often "Batman Mama" and I am...I'm embarrassed to say...."Batman Grandma". Yep, I'm already a grandma, or at least in training. A good 20+ year training program apparently :).


JFK said...

Its always nice to add another title to your resume. Batman Grandma sounds like a title to envy!
I love this little girl!

JFK said...

Is Batman girl intentionally matching her spoon to her outfit? You know I visit and revisit all your pics here and on fb - These things give soul to Seoul for me!