Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old Spaghetti Factory and Fireworks!

We had such a fun night. Right now I only have pictures from the first half.
We missed fireworks on the 4th of July cause we were driving home from the cabin so we decided to see them at the Aquatennial celebration instead. That of course means keeping the kids up till after 10:00. Our kids are normally in bed by 7:00 or so.

We drove downtown and had a late dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.
While we waited, I photographed.


After dinner we walked down to the river and found a place to sit. Not only were the "fireworks turned on" (Eisley) but there was also lightning. And not only was there lightning, but we eventually had rain too. We were drenched but it was a blast!

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JFK said...

Remember one year ago when Eisley or Emmett called fireworks 'sheshell'.
Who was that?

I guess if Nana and Grandpa are going to be at the cabin, they will miss these fun adventures. Of course, you may not have invited us anyway. So fun!