Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 month old gift

This is my 9 month old. He just ate a bite size oreo. He weighs 18lbs 8 oz (25th%) and is 28 inches tall (50th%). He says "mama", laughs, hits, grabs hair, rarely cries, crawls up the stairs at record speed, doesn't yet know how to crawl down, pulls himself up, stands for a few seconds at a time, smiles more than should be legal, happily plays in his crib before and after rest times, is adored by his siblings, fell today at the doctor's office and has a bruise on his eye, and is seriously too cute for words - even strangers stop me and comment on his beauty. This boy is an absolute gift from God. Each night when he wakes to feed (because I love spending the time with him I haven't done anything to stop our night time rendezvous) I thank God for his life, for his health, for his sweet little self. He is a gift, an absolute gift!

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Mama Monkey said...

Your pictures are amazing. You are so talented friend!!!

jules said...

love this pic and i'm loving your blog. Nice to meet ya!

jules said...

thanks for commenting also. I found your blog via The Nato's blog. I'm new to blogger and was trying to find more mommy blogs. Yes, I do a lot of my own design work on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.