Thursday, January 13, 2011

Uno Moo aka Farm

We got a new game tonight. Uno Moo (unofficially, Uno Farm)! The kids loved it. I'd highly recommend it for this age group. Even Eisley was able to play with just a bit of assistance. The game basically consists of matching colors or animals. The only pieces are the colored animal figures and the barn. Very simple and fun.
Then we had to photograph the boys in their coordinating snowboarding monster attire.
And the very bizarre photos of all 3 kids who were just moments from bedtime and definitely acting like it.


Eric said...

Just an FYI, the game is actually called Uno Moo (as the second and third pictures indicate).

JFK said...

Great to know about Uno Moo.
Eisley and Ender both look older
in these pics. Looks like Ender
joins right in with the fun times.
Too cute!